A complete strategy to solve the sales journey.

We speak to many of the largest B2B companies in the world and there are four areas that come up and have challenges and goals that they need support with. 
Our quadrant strategy is how we support these areas. To walk you through that in simple terms, here’s how we see it.
Quadrant One / Pre-sales
In the first area the common challenges are related to identifying the exact customer, getting their attention and routing them to sales.
This is where things like research comes into play to understand who we need to target and why, what problems or key buttons to identify, what the message needs to be and then what campaigns or strategies to get their attention and route them to sales. This could be something like a Linkedin targeted ad campaign, a custom masterclass that educates the buyer and moves them to sales, content strategy that builds awareness, landing pages, trade show campaigns, thought leadership that sells the audience or things like a demand gen campaign that trains your team on how to do a 1-1 approach. The outcome is that we are getting attention and helping move new prospects to sales. 

Here’s an outline of a trade show campaign we did with Emerson.

And a masterclass for BD.
Quadrant Two / Sales
In this area, we know that when new opportunities come to sales often the sales folks follow up on average about 3 times and it can take 20+ contacts and follow up to actually arrive at a closed deal or to make it to the last mile.
So our mission here is to support the sales team with everything they could possibly need to close the deal. This starts with mapping the sales process from start to finish in a methodical way, step by step. Then looking at all of the assets they need to help them close from start to finish including teaser videos, pitch, deep dive, objection handling, case study, testimonial, experience or demo, discovery sales deck, close deck, FAQ or knowledge base site page, full page case study pages that sell and lead to book a call, pitch site pages that lead to booking a call and so forth.

Ideally, we want the reps to have everything they need at every single stage so the chance of them closing a deal is very high. Additionally we work on campaigns like net new logo campaigns to consult and help create an approach to win new logos with our 1-1 approach.
Quadrant Three / Training and Internal Comm
In order to accomplish the company goals and objectives, the team needs to be trained and constantly doing the right things at the right stages.
Looking at sales, we use the mapped sales process to create the training content to support the team end to end to ensure they are doing the exact right plays and you have a repeatable model. An easy way to think about this is LEGO, imagine giving 10 people blocks of lego and saying “build a car” — you end up with 10 different cars. Now give them the instructions to build one car and you’ll have 10 of the same car. That's what we’re going for. But we need instructions and the team needs to be trained to do them.

We break down any process and create the videos and drills to accomplish this. Additionally in this area we’re focused on leadership goals and how to align everyone to them. This requires clear communication that aligns everyone to the vision. 

Here’s an internal comm campaign for Safelite.
Quadrant Four / Customer Experience
In the last quadrant, we need to make sure the effort that was spent winning the customer in the first place isn’t wasted.
So the focus is to create a sticky customer experience by reviewing every touch point from start to finish to see where it breaks down, where it might be frustrating and fix those things. This could be the onboard process or Youtube Help content that solves their problems or it could be internal SOPs related to how to handle the customer — whatever it may be, our mission is to iron those out and improve the customer experience so it's intuitive and sticky. 

Communication is at the core of everything we do and it’s key to create the right communication and assets and strategies to accomplish the things required in each area.  In order to do this you need to understand the audience and the B2B sales and revenue journey as a whole. Richter has obsessed to focus on supporting these areas for the last 16 years and working with many of the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world to ensure that each objective or outcome is attained and supported by the above actions. We have a full playbook of ideas related to these quadrants to help your team accomplish the outcomes for these areas. 

Here’s some recent work.
And client testimonials.
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