We run on 12 Core Values.

Extreme Ownership
Own your role fully and all connected outcomes. Never look to blame, don’t make excuses or find fault. Own every outcome.
Service Them Fully
Care deeply about the customer experience and create an experience they’ll always remember.
Play The Long Game
Don’t get caught up in setbacks or think too small because you’re thinking too short. Play for the future and do things that will improve our company for the long term.
Be a Great Teammate
Make your teammates life easier. Always put yourself in their shoes to try to find ways that help them get their job done.
Plan Long but Play for Today
Make your plans for the future. For this week, this month, this year or the next 10 years but play for today. Win the day. Focus on the present actions that must be done today.
Be Fast
Speed is crucial. Be as fast as you can to get your work done while maintaining quality.
Quality Matters
Always strive to deliver the highest possible quality and personally accept nothing less.
Create Insanely Great Products
Push products to the best they can possibly be. Make them insanely great.
Master Your Craft
Work to be an absolute professional at what you do. Take your craft to the highest level. Don’t settle for less.
Always Learn More
Be a lifelong student. Never assume you know everything. Be curious and learn more.
Be a Problem Solver
Find a way to solve problems and you’ll be irreplaceable. Disagree with anything that doesn’t help you make progress.
Be Like Rowan
Be someone who can simply get things done. Find a way to “deliver the message to Garcia”.

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