The Waterfall Display

Emerson came to Richter to bring their trade show presence to life, including creating a custom animation for the centerpiece of their booth – a 20 foot tall waterfall display reaching from the ground to the "cloud".

Project Details

In addition to the stunning waterfall display, Richter helped Emerson create a suite of videos to play both on the trade show floor and in follow up sales conversations.

Concept, Video Production



Emerson is here for you

A key component was to build trust by highlighting Emerson's world-class customer service.

By showing prospects that they always have somewhere to turn for help, whether online or in person, they understand that Emerson is the right partner. This worldwide reach means Emerson is always here for you.

Highlighting capabilities

The final piece to the puzzle was impactful videos highlighting Emerson's services across four key verticals.

These were of course compelling to trade show attendees, but the intention was to have them also be very useful for Emerson salespeople in building confidence in Emerson products across these key industries.

The trade show assets were designed to showcase the products and services offered by Emerson in an engaging and informative manner – and did so. The stunning visuals and captivating narration used in the videos have effectively conveyed the brand's message and highlighted the unique features of their products.  The videos have helped them to create a lasting impression and the positive feedback received from the trade show attendees has also been encouraging for the brand. These results have reaffirmed the brand's belief in the importance of quality marketing and have paved the way for future successful marketing initiatives. Overall, the trade show videos have been a significant success for Emerson and are a testament to the power of effective communication.

"And a VERY BIG THANK YOU,  for ALL that you’ve done to help us prepare. This one’s been a fast and furious one and your support and willingness to get on calls, etc. has been truly appreciated…..Thanks again and I’m really looking forward to seeing it all come together on the big stage. It’s really really cool!"

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