Mission Accepted: 3 Full Character Live Productions in 3 Days for Windstream
Richter brought the humor and production skillset to create a series of engaging stories featuring Windstream secret agents.

The Mission: Three full-scale live shoot productions in three days, in multiple locations

For the "Mission: Accepted" Ad Campaign, the purpose was to communicate the value proposition of Windstream’s IT Managed Services offering in a fresh and funny way, with each ad focusing on a unique aspect of the service - Digital Infrastructure, Digital Workplace, and Cybersecurity solutions.


Story, Casting, Production, Editing





Having already worked successfully with together on many occasions (including our Windstream Knight campaign), Windstream came to Richter with the intention of creating a series of three advertisements for their IT Managed Services, focusing on Digital Infrastructure, Digital Workplace, and Cybersecurity solutions, respectively. The request was for something fun and engaging and in typical Richter fashion the suggested campaign was ambitious; project Mission Accepted.

The idea centered around a team of secret agents who would rescue businesses in dire need. Sallying forth from their "Secret Agent Headquarters" they would arrive on the scene to deploy solutions offered by Windstream and save the day. Given the three aspects of their manages services to focus on there would be one video corresponding to each, with each in turn showcasing the solution being deployed in a key vertical. First would be retail, then manufacturing, then healthcare. In such fashion, the Mission Accepted series would show real examples of the challenges Windstream clients face and how Windstream comprehensively solves those challenges - all while being a total blast.

The Windstream team loved the concept, which meant it was time to get to work on planning, pre-production and casting.

At Richter, we never compromise quality while still respecting every cent our clients invest with us. In reality, the project described would take an enormous amount of preparation, equipment, planning and personnel - but in typical fashion, the Richter plan was to execute the entire shoot in only three days. Lead by Richter Creative Director Jake Moreno, our team was able to write and plan out the shoots, down to a detailed shot list, in time for the shoot itself to take place on location in Los Angeles.

As you can see below in footage taken behind the scenes, the entire team had a fantastic time shooting the three commercials. With the planning and preparation in place, the shoots went perfectly on three differecn locations throughout Los Angeles. What could have been a weeks long process costing astronomically more was brought off without a hitch in the planned three days.

Once shot, they were edited and color graded to final approval by a very happy Windstream executive team. The final results speak for themselves. The team at Richter is proud to present MIssion Accepted.


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