Nick Greenlee

Nick Greenlee

Director of Animation

Nick Greenlee is the Director of Animation at Richter, bringing a wealth of experience and creativity to the team. Hailing from Wisconsin and currently residing in the greater Chicago area, Nick's journey into the world of animation began with a degree from the Illinois Institute of Art. His early career saw him working on visual effects for several feature films, where he honed his skills as a Director of Animation and Previsualization artist. He then transitioned into motion graphics design for various agencies and served as an On-Air Designer for ION Media Television before joining Richter in 2012.

Nick's passion for animation is rooted in his childhood dreams of becoming an author, film director, and animator. For him, the most fulfilling aspect of his work is transforming an idea into a living, breathing creation that evokes emotions and brings joy to others. This creative journey, from conceptualization to the final product, is what drives Nick and keeps his passion for animation alive.

Outside of his professional life, Nick is an avid fitness enthusiast who loves staying active through outdoor activities like hiking and traveling. A dedicated film buff, he enjoys delving into the behind-the-scenes magic of movie-making, reflecting his lifelong obsession with cinema. At Richter, Nick aims to be a pivotal part of the company's growth, continually challenging himself and his colleagues to push boundaries and achieve new heights in their craft.

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