Michael Lapp

Michael Lapp


Michael Lapp is a talented Animator hailing from the picturesque town of Mount Penn, PA. A graduate from The University of The Arts in Philadelphia, Michael's journey into the world of animation has been nothing short of remarkable. Upon graduation, he took the bold step of founding his own animation studio, where he had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed clients such as Sony, Mastercard, and Bank of America, among many others. Alongside his animation endeavors, Michael delved into the world of finance, briefly exploring proprietary equities trading and developing a fascination for charts and patterns.

For Michael, animation is more than just a profession; it's a means of creative expression. With colors, shapes, and sounds, he weaves captivating narratives and breathes life into his creations. His passion for continuous improvement is palpable, as he strives to push the boundaries of his craft each day. As he joins our team, Michael's goal is clear: to foster a collaborative environment where he can not only enhance his own skills but also empower and educate fellow animators to reach their full potential.

Beyond the pixels and frames, Michael is an avid disc golfer and can often be found on the green, competing in tournaments most weekends. He cherishes quality time outdoors with his son, exploring nature's wonders on hikes. With a green thumb, Michael tends to his garden, cultivating pepper plants and fresh vegetables, finding solace and satisfaction in nurturing life outside of the digital realm. We are thrilled to have Michael on our team, where his creativity, drive for excellence, and collaborative spirit enrich our animation endeavors and propel us toward new heights of success.

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