Lacey Sherer

Lacey Sherer

Asset Manager & Graphic Designer

Lacey Sherer is Brand Asset Manager and Graphic Designer at Richter, blending creativity and expertise to enhance the company's digital presence. Raised in Tampa, FL, and now residing in Austin, TX, Lacey's passion for design began early in life. Sixteen years ago, she started her career at a website company startup, creating web designs and various digital materials. Her journey continued through extensive freelance work and a role as a UI/UX instructor at a coding bootcamp, where she shared her knowledge with aspiring designers.

Lacey's favorite part of her job is creating aesthetically pleasing digital assets that help others succeed. She thrives on bringing creativity and excellence to her work every day, constantly pushing herself to innovate and produce outstanding results.

Outside of work, Lacey enjoys a variety of activities that keep her life balanced and enjoyable. She loves reading good books, playing video games with her husband, spending time with her dogs, and trying out new restaurants with friends. This blend of professional passion and diverse hobbies makes Lacey a dynamic and well-rounded asset to our team.

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