Kori Curry

Kori Curry

VP Finance

Kori Curry brings a wealth of experience to her role as the VP of Finance at Richter, where she uses her extensive experience to enhance the company's financial health and organizational efficiency. Originally from Oregon, Kori spent 15 years in Los Angeles before returning to her home state a decade ago. Her diverse professional background spans education, marketing, and insurance, where she has consistently taken on roles that require meticulous organization and financial acumen.

Kori thrives on creating order and efficiency in her work environment. She takes great satisfaction in optimizing areas to achieve their ideal performance, ensuring that companies attain solvency and financial stability. At Richter, her goal is to enhance profitability and build strong financial reserves, contributing to the company's growth and long-term success.

Outside of her professional life, Kori enjoys the tranquility and fulfillment of rural living. She spends her free time gardening and caring for animals on her 20-acre farm in Oregon, where she lives with her family. This blend of professional dedication and personal contentment defines Kori's approach to life and work, making her the ideal person to lead our financial activities across the Richter Group of Companies.

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