Cole Arnesen

Cole Arnesen

VP Sales ContentOne

Meet Cole Arnesen, our dynamic VP of Sales at ContentOne, hailing from the vibrant city of Seattle where he was born and raised. With his career in sales starting at the tender age of 18, Cole has continually honed his sales acumen, driven by an insatiable thirst for personal and professional growth.

What sets Cole apart is his innate ability to tackle grand challenges and unite with like-minded individuals in pursuit of something greater. He thrives on the intricacies of problem-solving and takes pride in offering unwavering support to those around him. Cole's mission is clear: to elevate ContentOne to new heights, serving as a steadfast ally to mid-market companies and transforming promising ideas into flourishing enterprises.

Beyond the boardroom, Cole finds solace in the great outdoors, immersing himself in nature through hiking, off-roading, and exploring with his faithful companion, his dog. His passion for mentorship extends beyond the confines of the workplace, as he guides friends and acquaintances on their journey to success, facilitating connections and fostering growth. With Cole at the helm, both in business and leisure, the possibilities are limitless, fueled by his unwavering commitment to excellence and collaboration.

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