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It has been our great pleasure to work with Emerson on

so many incredible projects.

Our partnership has seen over 100 completed videos rolling off production lines, with many more in planning and production. Moving into 2021 and beyond, the entire team at Richter could not be more excited to continue this relationship.

Our Leaders

When working with Emerson, every step of the relationship will be overseen directly by our executive team.


Combined, they represent over 50 years of experience, and have overseen more than 7,000 video projects in industries and countries across the globe.

Robert Cornish 2 BW.png
Robert Cornish - CEO

Richter's Founder and CEO, responsible for our culture and vision. 

Ben Folk BW.png
Ben Folk - Vice President

Lead business development executive, forging relationships with our largest clients.

Jessica Rounds BW.png
Jessica Rounds - VP Production

Leader of Richter's production team, coordinating some 400 projects in production at a time.

Spencer Barnes - VP Quality

Richter's longest standing employee, in charge of overall quality assurance.

Jake Moreno - VP Live Video

Executive over Richter's live video production and editing team.

Nick Greenlee - Director of Animation

Richter's lead animator, running our stable of animators and creating high-end projects.

A few of our clients