Video, Digital Ad Creation
Richter created a comprehensive and coordinated series of marketing assets for ZPE.


The team at ZPE Sytems had laid out a thorough marketing plan, but required assistance to bring it into reality. They needed a combination of creative skill and experience, tied with technical advice, that would be difficult to find elsewhere without enlisting multiple vendors. To add to all this, time was of the essence, on some cases with only a couple of days to go from signing on with a vendor to requiring delivery of completed assets.


The Richter team went into action, simultaneously creating a coordinated series of marketing assets.

In addition to video, our team created animated banner ads to be placed online.

Next, we created a dynamic full-page magazine advertisement.

With this multi-faceted approach, Richter was able to help the ZPE team bring their solutions to market and create awareness and reach for their services.


The marketing team at ZPE were thrilled with the media assets at their disposal. Richter's team managed the placement of the banner ads across social media, while the print ad went out in publications that hit their target audience.

Richter has continued to produce more content for ZPE, with several more videos rolling off the line to further enable their sales team to effectively convert interest generated by marketing into new client relationships.

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