Strategic Relations
Systemware enlisted Richter to help connect to their ideal Target Public.


Systemware’s CEO was frustrated with the company’s efforts to introduce their comprehensive enterprise product to hard to reach potential new clients. Systemware was struggling to grow their database because their solution was a sizable investment for some of the biggest companies in the world, and their target public were high level executives who were challenging to contact.


Systemware worked with Richter to determine the exact personnel at specific companies who were best suited for their offering. Richter then created a comprehensive set of creative assets as well as a precise messaging series designed to engage, enlighten and ultimately sell this ideal public on why Systemware’ solution was worth making the time to engage in a dialogue.


Richter helped establish relationships with Senior IT executives in the following companies that helped fill Systemware’s active pipeline with ideally suited candidates for their offering, that were all actively entering the sales cycle.

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