Strategic Relations
Sigmaflow needed a new way to bring qualified sales prospects to the table.


SigmaFlow was investing significant time and resources into industry trade shows which produced inconsistent and unpredictable results. They needed a way to streamline and make more predictable the process of bringing new prospects to the table.


SigmaFlow worked with Richter10.2 to identify the ideal target public - the exact individuals at specific companies across a diverse range of industries - who were best suited for their offering. Richter then created a comprehensive set of creative assets as well as a precise messaging series designed to engage, enlighten and ultimately sell this ideal public on why SigmaFlow was the perfect solution provider for them.


Over the course of a relationship that has lasted several years, Richter has become mission critical to SigmaFlow and allowed the client to streamline their sales outreach. They no longer have to attend expensive conferences because Richter gets them directly in contact with their ideal clients. Two recent reaches resulted in roughly $250,000 in new contract revenue, while another Richter Reach delivered a brand new partnership that is helping to push revenues even higher.

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