Richter creates a league of superheoes for Safelite's Modernize initiative
Safelite turned to Richter to help create something truly compelling. Enter The Modernizers!

Overcoming challenges brought on by the pandemic to engage the Safelite leadership strata.

How do you launch a massive new campaign to modernize business processes at your largest leadership gathering of the year, all in the middle of a pandemic? At the best of times it would require perfect execution, but with many of the thousands of Safelite leaders who would typically attend in person now having to watch online, the solution would have to be...heroic.


Internal Communication Media





Richter does terrific work. They are a solid partner to me and their strategic approach to projects, as well as their talent and deliverables is second to none. I would highly recommend you reach out to my main contact, Ben Folk.

I encourage you to share with Ben what your budget is as he can help identify the best approach and solution. I really can’t say enough about their talents, work ethic and partnership. Every project I work with them on has been a home run. They have helped us breathe a refreshing new approach to our videos, animations and more.


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