Strategic Relations
Raisecom uses Richter Strategic Relations to penetrate the telecom industry.


When Raisecom approached Richter, they needed to penetrate the specific audience of Tier 2 and 3 telecom companies. Specifically the IT folks at those companies. A challenging audience to get to. The sole objective was to get to these hard to get to people to help Raisecom drive strategic sales.


With Strategic Relations, Richter started by defining what we refer to as the “target public” to drill down exactly who we needed to get to. Not a range but an exact profile and names. We then identified the pain points and created the assets and messaging to be deployed to that audience including things like a series of sequential videos, an enlightenment page, case study, pitch deck and series of message with succinct copy.


Richter helped bring companies to the sales table including Korcett, Elauwit Networks, Hudson Fiber Network, Nitel, StarTouch Broadband Services, Eatel, Metronet, Transtelco, XChange Telecom, and more. We also set up an opportunity for $500,000 with Utopia Fiber that fit Raisecom’s ideal client criteria.“I believe that this type of push is absolutely essential for continued growth”Keith ZalenskiRaisecom CEO

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