Progene needed a high-end animated video that would allow them to easily explain their value proposition.


Progene needed a video that would allow them to easily explain their value proposition to customers that they could use in multiple mediums and also facilitate quick edits as needed. They needed a great finished product as well as a flexible creative partner to facilitate the process.


Progene enlisted Richter10.2 to help create a national commercial quality video that could clearly and quickly explain what they bring to the table in language their target audience would understand and appreciate.


Richter10.2 created this 2 minute video with the following result:

“[Our video] has been used as a national TV ad, broadcast on National Geographic, Discovery Sci- ence, History Channel, Military Channel, Velocity, etc. In addition to media, it’s used on the website and in sales presentations for retailers. As a key selling tool, the video has been directly attributable to sales.Your team’s been great to work with! Insightful, creative, knowledgeable and flexible (important when dealing with broadcast). The speed in which your team has been able to make edits happen has been invaluable. We’re already working with Richter on the next version variants.”

Michael Lee - Proxi Marketing Solutions
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