Crafting vital content for the onsemi Analyst Conference on three continents
12 globetrotting shoots in three days, brought off without a hitch by the team at Richter.

High volume, high speed, red carpet treatment.

onsemi turned to Richter to shoot, edit and complete live video content in 12 shoots featuring some of their most important clients. The kicker? The shoots would be in Asia, Europe and the USA and the entire project had to be completed in under 3 weeks.


Creative, Production, Shoots, Editing, Animation





We have worked with Onsemi for many years on a wide variety of projects, animated, stock, 3D, and live shoot content including a video to support a keynote speech for their CEO at a recent climate conference.  

However, in preparation for a conference this last year, they turned to us with quite a task - they asked for us to shoot, edit, and complete twelve live shoots all around the U.S. as well as one in China, and two in Europe…all of them start to finish in three weeks time.  

And these shoots weren’t of their own people, they were with key clients, testimonials.  

So it was very high volume, and great speed, with red carpet treatment.  

Fortunately, over our 16 years of projects, we have vetted substantial talent from all over the globe, and with our culture and MO of having a highly organized process, and also with a culture of moving at great speed, we were able to complete all projects within this timeframe, and to rave feedback from their whole team.

I do want to say that Ben, Jake, and the entire Richter team is doing a phenomenal job.  Our Analyst Day 2023 event was a huge success because of the amazing Richter team.  A big thank you from all of us at Onsemi.  Thank you!

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