Demand Generation
Richter helps NEC bring their unique Microsoft teams offering to their ideal target audience.

Bringing large corporate teams onto the Microsoft teams platform can be an extremely costly and time consuming headache. NEC successfully solves these problems every day, keeping companies connected with greater reliability for less. In an effort to capture a greater market share, they turned to Richter to help them convey their value proposition and get in front of the right people.


Simply put, there is competition in the telephony space. Compounding this is the fact that NEC's target clientele are large, multi-national corporations that can be difficult to "get in the front door," not to mention resistant to change even when you do. The challenge of creating new business relationships in this environment is not as simple as making a slick video. NEC needed Richter's expertise in the demand generation process.


The solution would come in several parts. First would be a thorough investigation of what is currently already working for NEC – specifically an analysis of their current best clients and how those relationships came to be. By plotting our findings and analyzing for common threads among clients, Richter was able to define the exact target audience for our campaign.

With this in hand, content could be created to bring the NEC value proposition to that target audience. Richter created a series of videos and an accompanying sales deck, as well as a case study PDF. All of this content was designed to walk a prospect through the offering, answer questions and build confidence to bring them into the sales cycle.

NEC Sales Deck

NEC Case Study

Next, a website was created to host all of this content. This page would serve as a central hub for the outreach campaign, giving a prospect a simple and uncluttered place to walk through the content. Featured on the site is a "Book a Call" button, connected directly to the calendar of NEC salespeople, removing friction and time from the process of getting on a call.

NEC Connect Custom Landing Page

The program has elicited dozens of strong reaches from key decision makers at large universities and companies like Alliant Energy, ING Financial Services, Lexmark and Vera Bradley for more information. The NEC sales funnel is building with ideal prospects, all the while the Richter team continues outreach and the creation of new assets to support the NEC sales team.

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$7.99 MS Teams

With a typical per seat price of double the $7.99 offered by NEC, MS Teams has never been a more accessible and viable option.

Microsoft Teams

With our vast network of global carriers, NEC NETWORK CONNECT for MS TEAMS – a Microsoft certified service - brings unmatched redundancy, automatic failover and high availability to any global MS Teams Deployment.

NEC Connect Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing some common questions that prospects have as they move through the sales funnel for NEC Connect.

NEC Connect Case Study

A use case detailing how NEC Network Connect kept over 7,000 teachers and more than 50,000 students working together through the pandemic.

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