Richter creates a series of dynamic videos to outline Mimecast cyber training and security offerings.

In the first video of the series, our team blended live video production with custom animation to tell the story of two different businesses facing tha challenge of keeping their email secure. Through the contrast, Mimecast's ability to service all sizes of business is presented beautifully. This was then followed with a series of animated videos featuring character animation – each one outlining a specific service in more detail.


Mimecast came to Richter looking to not only explain their services in more detail, but present them in an engaging manner. Frankly, there are many companies vying for attention in the cyber security space and it was imperative that Richter be able to show Mimecast as different to their competitors.


Richter presented a two part solution. First, we would create a live video featuring a narrative story, as opposed to a typical corporate "talking head". In the video we would present two different people, each responsible for administering the email systems in their business. One, working in a small firm would be looking for the ability to manage it themselves and know their employees and data are kept safe. The other, working in a larger firm, is looking for a robust and scalable solution that can handle the larger workload and still keep things totally secure.

This would then be cut as a contrast, going back and forth between each person to outline where they are the same and different. The resulting video is an engaging look into the real world reasons why someone at any size business would benefit from Mimecast's services.

Next, to back up this first video we would create a series of animated videos , each focusing on one specific service. For this sequence we worked with Mimecast and selected a characater animation style, once again with the aim of brining the stories of those benefiting from these services to life.


This strategic series of videos has allowed Mimecast to bring their value proposition to life in a vibrant and engaging way. Rather than relying on walls of copy on their website, prospective customers are presented with a clear and simple solution to the very real problems Mimecast is able to solve.

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Email Security Live Shoot

"We have a phishing problem." The Email Security live shoot starts with a statement from two very different businesspeople facing the same issue. How will they go about solving it?

Email Security (Gateway) Text-On-Screen

Email is the source of 91% of cyberattacks. To solve this, Mimecast offers their Gateway email security solution, which is capable of securing any email environment. Using a "text-on-screen" animation style, Richter brings this message home in style.


In this video featuring character animation, Richter is addressing the cyber security professional directly. By first outlining key challenges they are facing in a manner that clearly demonstrates that Mimecast "gets it," we are then able to naturally present the Cybergraph offering as a simple and sweeping solution to those challenges.

Dmarc Analyzer

Brand impersonation has become extremely prevalent as a tool for malicious attacks on companies. While there are ways to prevent this, it can be difficult to get adoption or set up the rules correctly in the first place. With Mimecast Dmarc, the headaches disappear and your domain name is kept safe from impersonation.

Brand Exploit Connect

It's bad enough when attackers impersonate your users internally, but with brand exploitation it affects unsuspecting customers and the public. It's vital that brands protect themselves from being misrepresented in a malicious attack, which is where Brand Exploit Connect from Mimecast comes in.

Secure Email Gateway

With another gorgeous character animation video for Mimecast, Richter conveys their secure email gateway value proposition in a way that's conversational and clear.


It's every company's worst nightmare – being subjected to a ransomware attack. This global problem has affected 6 in 10 companies in the last year and while other vendors may claim to have a "silver bullet" that's just not truthful. Mimecast provides users with complementary resources to help combat ransomware, while working with users and the broader cyber security community to provide the most comprehensive protection possible.

If you like what you see, we'd love to set up a zoom call with you to walk you through our end to end strategy.