Strategic Relations
Lenovo Software uses Strategic Relations to help launch AirClass training software.


Lenovo Software was launching AirClass, a state-of-the-art online live training platform. While Lenovo is one of the largest and most recognized hardware manufacturers in the world, they needed a strong launch for their new platform to build users in their relatively newer software division.


Lenovo selected Richter to help them end to end with developing a go to market strategy that would provide assets, message and develop new business from the most likely prospective customers. As part of the assets Richter created www.welcometoairclass.com, which features a custom animated video, a branded PDF and an “experience trailer,” a full-blown live production video showing what it’s like to use AirClass. Armed with these assets, our Strategic Relations team has researched the perfect Target Public for AirClass and has pursued them on a surgical level to bring the right companies and people to the table for Lenovo.


The Lenovo Software sales team is now armed with the materials they need to effectively educate and sell. Richter has consistently produced new relationships for AirClass from the ideal Target Public. Appointments and software demonstrations are up, new video assets that follow the entire sales sequence are continuously produced and that further enable sales to help them sell and close the business they have and the sales team is actively working cycles to conclude them helping Lenovo scale the new AirClass user base.

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Airclass Experience Trailer

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