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Animation, Editing
Richter team bands together to create three videos in three weeks for key presentation.


The team at Keysight came to Richter with a simple problem. They had shot “talking head” interview footage for an upcoming conference, but needed to turn this raw footage into polished, edited pieces featuring graphics, music and animation. Aside from this, any videos that were produced would have to be approved by a complex hierarchy of executives. This meant coordination and communication between Richter and Keysight had to be perfect. The kicker? The entire project had to be completed in under 3 weeks.


The Richter team got to work. Lead by the VP of Richter Productions, Jake Moreno, and our lead editor, Chris Curl, a first cut of the footage was quickly sent for review.Meanwhile, two animation teams were created to divide and conquer the required work. With Jake and Richter animator Toby Flett working on the first video, Chris and animator Cameron Hoffman hit their stride on the other two.


After an intense couple of weeks of hard work, precise and speedy edits and persistence to get approvals, the deadline met. Three brilliant videos were created and played at the Keysight conference. Some feedback from the Keysight team:

“Hi Toby, Jake and team, We have final approval on the video! Thanks so much for your hard work and patience as we worked through the multiple rounds of edits. You guys are great!" Chris
“I echo Chris’s comments. I appreciate your team’s ability to adapt in the feedback rounds and deliver on time with quality.  Thanks for the effort on this.""Thanks everyone for the great teamwork to make these videos happen on super tight timelines! You all rock!"
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