Strategic Relations
FORMation needed to diversify the types of businesses and industries they were targeting in order to ensure expansion and viability.


Despite this need to diversify, the bulk of their business was coming from the Oil & Gas industry which was facing historic challenges as the price of oil dropped markedly and stayed low for an extended period.


FORMation worked with Richter10.2 to identify the ideal target public - the exact individuals at specific companies across a diverse range of industries - who were best suited for their offering. Richter then created a comprehensive set of creative assets as well as a precise messaging series designed to engage, enlighten and ultimately sell this ideal public on everything FORMation had to offer.


All assets were prepared and the messaging campaign started precisely on target on day 31. FORMation closed their first client within 60 days, covering their out of pocket investment with the strong likelihood of the contract tripling in size and covering half the cost of the Strategic Relations Service for one year.

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