Richter Elevates Aerospace Innovation with Live Footage and 3D Animation for Curtiss-Wright
Richter works with Curtiss-Wright to build a suite of top tier business development assets, setting new industry standards in aerospace communication.

Creating custom footage and 3D assets to showcase key systems and products.

The business development team at aerospace leader Curtiss-Wright have partnered with Richter to create custom video assets for their aerospace and military systems, using both high-end 3D animation and live footage. The result has been a total upgrade of the sales journey and a more compelling trade show presence.


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2022, 2023

Curtiss-Wright, a prominent player in the aerospace and military systems industry, recently embarked on a transformative collaboration with Richter to craft a collection of tailored video assets that would revolutionize their business development approach. This ambitious project fused the realms of high-end 3D animation and live footage to deliver an unparalleled visual experience for their customers and partners.

The outcome of this partnership has been a profound metamorphosis of their sales asset suite. These assets not only conveyed complex technical information with clarity but also injected a dose of creativity and innovation into the traditionally conservative sector. Clients and potential investors were captivated by the seamless blend of stunning 3D animations and real-world footage, making it easier than ever to understand the capabilities and advantages of Curtiss-Wright's aerospace and military systems.

Furthermore, this collaboration elevated their presence at trade shows to new heights. The visually striking videos commanded attention and drew attendees to their exhibits, leaving a lasting impression and igniting meaningful conversations. Curtiss-Wright's decision to partner with Richter has unquestionably redefined their business development strategy, demonstrating that innovation and creativity can flourish even in the most technical of industries.

I would absolutely work with Richter again. This whole experience from pre-production to the shoot day, to everything in post has been great.

Eric Harper
Product Marketing Manager

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