Strategic Relations
Brocade uses Strategic Relations to promote their next-generation networking solutions.


Brocade is an internationally renowned provider of network solutions. However, like most companies, they still face the challenge of developing the exact right business from high value targeted accounts with the highest probability of closing.


For a company as large as Brocade, the challenge can be focus and not having the resources to commit because everyone is already up to their neck in work. They selected Richter to deploy strategic relations to help them clearly define and identify the target public beginning with a thorough evaluation of Brocade’s clientele. Once done, we crafted assets including a case study video of work Brocade did for Jim Henson Studios, well crafted copy to form a succinct series of messages and began our surgical method to make the right introductions and connections to the right people in the right places.


By combining these assets with a targeted strategy, Richter has been able to accomplish new relationships with the right people based on Brocade’s Target Public, putting the key people on Brocades team in an ideal selling environment with the ideally aligned prospects that have highest probability of becoming new clients.

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