High-End Video
Belimo needed assistance creating a series of technical videos, featuring CAD animation.


Belimo needed to create a series of videos that explained a very technical offering to a niche audience, while also incporporating CAD (industrial design) animation that matched technical specifications and presenting their offering in a visually pleasing way.


Belimo worked with the Richter10.2 creative team, first with a copywriter with over 20 years of technical writing experience ensuring the messaging was compelling and technically accurate, then with an experienced animator who had both the skill set and the design sense to create a great looking yet accurate visual rendering.


Richter10.2 created the above 2 minute video with the following result:

”We have used the video in new campaigns, presentations, website posting, training sessions, sales calls, banner advertisements, etc. We received an order for one unit because the customer (CONINCO in Puerto Rico) wanted to test the global linkage. He said, ‘If it works as simple as the video showed it, I will place another one for 12 units.’ He then put in the order.”

Lisa Hickey, Belimo
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