Making new BD workspaces a reality for thousands of employees
BD Biosciences turns to Richter for an internal content strategy for several new campuses.
Making new BD workspaces a reality for thousands of employees
BD Biosciences turns to Richter for an internal content strategy for several new campuses.

Showing the vision of a bright future at BD.

"Project Curie" is the name for BD's real estate transformation, an enormous initiative to set up beautiful new BD campuses in California and abroad. With Richter's help, BD crafted a comprehensive communication strategy to care for their people by providing a simple and easy to use information hub for everything concerning the move, from collecting employee input on campus design to answering questions about the campus locales.


Internal Communication Media


2022, 2023

BD Biosciences came to Richter for assistance with Project Curie; a complete real estate transformation involving a new headquarters and several other new sites. This enormous undertaking will have lasting effects on the business, the employees at BD, and the communities to which they are moving. The perfect communication strategy was required.

When coming to Richter, executives at BD asked for help in creating internal communication content to orient their people, answer questions and build excitement for these incredible new facilities.

As a first step, it was clear that as well as the content itself, a central coordination point would be required for BD people to access it.

With this in mind, a series of assets were put into production. First was an overview video to compliment gorgeous 3D mockups of the new campuses. This was able to convey the right message from BD leadership and orient the team. It was soon followed by another video from leadership with further orientation about Project Curie.

Next, it was time for the "hub" to be constructed.

The Richter team put together a beautiful Real Estate Transformation Website that displayed the new locations on an interactive map with information about each location, respectively. Of course all video content was hosted here, as well as an incredibly in-depth FAQs page about the move, which was organized and made simple to navigate.

BD Biosciences Real Estate Transformation Website
A beautiful hub, showcasing the upcoming campuses and answering key questions.

An interactive map for employees to select their location and learn more.

The BD Biosciences team now had a single source of information about the real estate transformation, with key messaging from executives now conveyed with typical Richter effectiveness. Internal messaging is now one less headache for the BD team.

It has truly been our pleasure to work with the entire BD team. A few of them were kind enough to share their thoughts on what working with Richter was like throughout Project Curie.

I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful partnership over the last several months. As expected, it’s been a pleasure to work with you!
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