Richter Delivers Cutting-Edge 3D Animations for BD
Elevating global product communication and training with next-level 3D animation and translations.

Bringing the lab to vivid life with CAD animation.

BD came to Richter looking to create a series of high-end animations, which needed to not only look beautiful but be exactly precise in their representation of the products involved.


3D Animation





BD was bringing a vital product range to market in the medical testing field and therefore needed animations that were not only beautiful, but totally accurate.

The solution would be comprehensive. Richter worked to create a series of high-end 3D animations using the precise CAD (technical design) files of the products to be featured. The issue is, these files are meant only for engineering purposes, not artistic. As such, the artist creating animations from them has to painstakingly crafy every texture, surface, reflection and shadow to make them come to life.

To hear it from Richter's Director of Animation, Nick Greenlee:

From a technical standpoint, basically I studied videos and photos of their products to not only learn how they look inside and out, but especially in the case of the FACSDuet video, how their internal components work and move, which I had to recreate. From an artistic standpoint, the challenge was, how can we take something complex and scientific, and not only create something that was factual and spoke to that audience, but make it fun and engaging.

Needless to say, the completed videos speak for themselves. Combining Richter copy and voiceover with these incredible animations achieved the exact goal of being fun and engaging, while keeping totally faithful to the way the products function.

To tie these assets into the product launches, Richter also created teaser videos to be used prior to the launch, as well as a Spanish translation to bring the campaign to a much wider global audience.

Work is currently ongoing with further translations, edits and animation of more products in a relationship between Richter and BD that continues to flourish.


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