Behind the Scenes: Richter's Two-Day Shoot for Alaska Airlines
A seamless production from script to set onboard a real aircraft.
Alaska Airlines

Creating compelling training content with real life scenarios.

Alaska Airlines came to Richter looking to create training assets on how to more effectively offer their Signature VISA credit card. What ensued was a whirlwind production of two beautiful videos, including creative, scripting, all production and two days of shooting across multiple locations - including onboard an aircarft.


Live video production


Alaska Airlines



For Alaska Airlines employees, offering their Signature VISA card is not mandatory. This means that compelling and effective training material is vital to get buy-in.

They had previously produced videos on this topic, but they were poorly animated and a little cheesy. When they came to Richter, the idea was to create something fun and very real that would speak to their employees directly, laying out the program clearly.

There were two target audiences for these videos: flight attendants and call center personnel. In order to speak to these groups directly, we decided to shoot on location where they actually work.

Alaska Airlines loved the concept and green lit an aircraft for use in the shoot. Production got into full swing, with Richter Productions lead Jake Moreno putting together the shoot team and casting the production. Our copywriting team created scripts that Alaska Airlines loved, and before we knew it shoot day had arrived.

On day 1, shooting took place of the first video aimed at flight attendants on board the aircraft. Originally hoping for at least 12 hours aboard to shoot, the team would have only 6 hours to get everything in the can. Working with the typical Richter "make it go right" attitude, the team went to work and pulled it off.

Day 2 saw the team shooting on location in a call center, creating the second video. This time overcoming inclement weather and the challenges that brings, yet another live shoot went off without a hitch.

The result is two beautiful videos offering training and assistance to Alaska Airlines employees about how to effectively offer their credit card to customers. For our team it was a pleasure creating these and we know they'll be valuable resources for years to come.


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