Storytelling makes sales easier

Robert Cornish
Founder & CEO
July 6, 2021

It’s incredible how far animation has come.

I remember seeing Toy Story for the first time and I was immediately captivated and knew that this style of storytelling was the future.

That’s proven true.

The same principles that apply to movies apply to business.

Tell a story that communicates to a relevant audience and moves them in some way.

We create a lot of content to help support many of the largest B2B companies in the world and we decided to create a different style that lends itself well to storytelling that’s visually engaging and works well as a series.

After speaking to our head of animations to discuss ideas – we wrote a short script idea and started creating a basic storyboard idea.

Once we agreed on the initial proof of concept idea – we illustrated and animated it

Here’s how the concept turned out:

This is meant to simply showcase the idea.

The way we see it -- this style would be ideal to have as a series of 5-8 episodes that are connected and that can tell a story with a common theme.

As an example – it could be used to educate an audience on 5G or cybersecurity threats in a series of engaging videos that both marketing and sales can publish and use.

Imagine having a series launched on a custom YouTube playlist once per week or simply dripped to the mailing list in a series.

Done right, this form of storytelling can help augment sales efforts making it easier to convey a message that moves people to action.

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— Robert

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