Nearly all problems are connected to training

Robert Cornish
Founder & CEO
May 31, 2021

If I had to isolate the one thing that I think makes all the difference to a companies future, it would be training.

Every single problem can be handled with culture + training + people and these are all connected  

The problems we chase, things like new business, sales, revenue, growth, better products, profit, etc are all directly connected to training.

And the greatest companies understand that committing to a culture of training combined with hiring and having the best people, wins.

Look at sports. It's always training + best players and even the best players are constantly and continually trained.

When we think about training, I often use Lego as an analogy by saying that if you were to drop Lego bricks in front of 10 people and told them to build a car, they would end up building 10 different cars. But hand them the instructions and you'll get 10 of the exact same car.

Using this idea, if a company were to break down each core role step by step to map each step, you could then build the instructions to do the exact role the right way and accomplish a repeatable model. This plus having a great player will lead to better outcomes.

Imagine having a series of videos that, like Lego instructions, breaks down each step in easy-to-follow instructions for each role. This combined with drills to ensure they understand and can apply it along with a reference PDF.

I've personally trained many sales reps and regardless of what their resume says or their previous performance or experience -- I've found that we need to train them the Richter way and there's a lot for them to learn or sometimes unlearn.

Training makes all the difference. Skipping this or half measures results in future frustrations.

I can almost guarantee you that any struggling area can be improved with a strong training strategy.

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— Robert

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