May 6, 2021

Looking for Magic

Written by
Jessica Rounds

Many of us have been navigating some uncomfortable edges this past year for a myriad of reasons. Life gets flipped around and upside down and sometimes I get caught up focusing on what’s hard or isn’t working.

Recently a dear friend reminded me to take a deep breath and look for magic.

A few days later,  this happened:

It got me thinking. What happens when I let go of my expectations of how something must go - a project, a deal, a relationship, an experience - and imagine only that something inspired could happen?

In our industry, we can get rigid about process and deliverables. We can get stuck focusing on problems, deadlines, budgets and so on. Those are real.

But imagining that the right solution is imminent, by making room for what is possible, even if I don’t immediately know how, creates space for inspiration.

For magic.

It wants to be found.

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