May 10, 2021

Enthusiasm Killer

Written by
Jessica Rounds

Nothing kills enthusiasm like indecision. How many times has the thrill of a night out dwindled into a monotonous parade of restaurant suggestions, where voices eventually decrescendo into “I don’t care” and “yeah sure”? We’ve all been there. Choosing what to do on a Friday night is relatively inconsequential, but the point is that when there are too many options and no clear direction, it's overwhelming and frankly, not fun.

Making creative decisions around your business marketing plan can feel that way. Who’s our audience and how do we reach them? What medium is best? How do we create valuable content and leverage scalable advertising channels? And so on. There are endless answers to those questions and it’s easy to slowly collapse into a prone position (well mentally, at least).

At Richter, we understand the creative process and how to smoothly guide you through it. We ask a handful of questions at the outset to fully grasp who you are and what you do. Then we get to work crafting a compelling story and bringing it to life with streamlined visuals that reach through the screen and move your audience. By coming to the table with ideas and directive suggestions based on thousands of hours of experience, our creative team ensures you never get overwhelmed by indecision.

We take our jobs seriously…and in doing so, we keep it fun around here.

Looking forward to working with you!

Jessica Rounds

VP Production

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