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November 10, 2023

Bringing B2C production to the business sphere

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Spencer Barnes
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Bringing B2C production to the business sphere

At Richter, we often have conversations about how we can bring the level of production and creativity that’s normally reserved for the B2C sector to the B2B sales journey. Why should a two dollar snickers bar get ads and media that cost seven figures to make, but the companies that actually make the world go round be relegated to using powerpoint and white papers?

It’s true that in multi-million dollar deals between industry giants there is an ocean of details. But no matter the size of the company the heart of the relationship is the people involved, and without talking directly to them and solving their problems no one would ever get to the stage where details are talked about.

Aesthetics – beauty – and artistry are how you get your foot in the door. Something being well made and looking incredible is the thing that gets someone’s attention in the first place so your message has a chance to land. It cannot be overlooked.

In the latest industry first for Richter we have taken the popular “Masterclass” format and brought it into the corporate sector. Working with the incredible team at BD, we recently shot and edited a series of 5 Masterclass videos that will be used to train their team.

Every company creates training videos. Most relegate them to screen capture or webcam footage of someone talking in a poorly lit room. At Richter, we truly believe in the power of doing it right. Instead of the status quo, why not shoot the content with cinema cameras and lighting? Why not add world class animation and editing?

Why not make something truly great?

I guarantee this is the only way to do it. Companies that embrace the Richter way and take that leap with us will reap the rewards over and again for a long time to come. Things done right last and are used. Things done poorly are forgotten on a server somewhere and ultimately the intended message is not received.

Our Masterclass service is perfect for internal training, as used at BD, or externally to offer value and thought leadership to your clients and potential clients. If you’re curious about how it could work for your company, we’d love to talk.

I guarantee, no one else is going to care as much about making something truly great for you than we do.

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