August 20, 2021

A common barrier observed in many Fortune 1000 companies

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Robert Cornish
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A common barrier observed in many Fortune 1000 companies

We speak to many of the largest companies in the world and it’s interesting how often the biggest need that comes up is either training or internal communication.

We know the default is generally marketing and sales, in other words, develop new business opportunities and attain revenue through sales but the lack thereof generally relates to or is connected to training and internal communications.


Because when you take the time, effort, and investment to codify processes, define the best way to do things, and build repeatable training processes around that — you can train anyone at any time in any role. This includes sales and often does.

The internal communication campaigns we often find ourselves discussing relates to alignment company-wide. Why is that important? Because any possible misalignment creates traffic, disorientation, hurts productivity, and slows the speed of the organization.

These two things can have massive impacts on the marketing, sales, and revenue side of things.

As an agency, our group's goal is to support the end-to-end B2B sales journey from start to finish and we’ve broken that down into four quadrants. The above covers one.

It's something I'm passionate about both for my own company and our customers. The number of headaches and problems that can be solved via well-done training, learning content, and internal communication campaigns is substantial.

The cope temptation is often to go back to demand gen and sales which are two topics I also love but the weight should be more evenly distributed.

We've spent 14 years obsessing over the end to end sales journey for B2B companies and my view is that it's a balanced effort through various compartments (or quadrants as we've defined them) including marketing and advertising, sales enablement, training, and internal comms and customer experience and the collection or compounding of these four core areas leads to a balanced and methodical end to end model.

If any of the above sounds like something relevant to you and you'd like to discuss our ideas on it, here's my calendar

— Robert

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