ZPE Systems


Richter worked with the team at ZPE Sytems to create and place a comprehensive and coordinated series of marketing assets, including video, a magazine print ad, online banner ads.


The team at ZPE Sytems had laid out a thorough marketing plan, but required assistance to bring it into reality. They needed a combination of creative skill and experience, tied with technical advice, that would be difficult to find elsewhere without enlisting multiple vendors. To add to all this, time was of the essence, on some cases with only a couple of days to go from signing on with a vendor to requiring delivery of completed assets.


That’s when Richter stepped in. 


The process all started in February with ZPE purchasing a series of three videos with Richter. They had begun trying to produce them in-house - even beginning to write scripts - but had decided to seek outside help to get them done. In the initial consultation, Richter’s VP Sales, Ben Folk, described Richter’s process and specifically our copywriting experience as something they could rely on. 


The deal was struck, but the first video was needed inside of two weeks! The Richter production machine, specifically lead copywriter Greg and animator Andres, got to work, delivered the video on time and completed the remaining two in record time.

“I can't not thank you enough for the job you are doing. We are really happy with the videos. Even sales says they are the best things we have ever produced.”

The next conversation came in April. By now, the team at ZPE were beginning to really understand what we mean at Richter when we say we are not just a video shop. They called Ben and said they were working on a series of ads, including online banner ads and physical print media. 


Could Richter help? Of course. 


With Richter’s creative group having become an extension of the ZPE team, we got to work. First, creating a custom full-page magazine ad, delivered for publication inside a 2 day deadline from start-to-finish. 

ZPE Magazine Ad.png

Next, banner ads were put into production. Richter animator Ryan went to town, creating custom artwork for a series of banner ads that had the team at ZPE totally thrilled.


“These look AWESOME. Running past the management team now. Hopefully we will be good to go


I think they are dramatic and completely catch what we were looking for.


The sales guys are super excited!"


Simply put, every aspect of a complex and wide-ranging promotional initiative was created quickly and without a hitch. The folks at ZPE are thrilled and have come to fully rely on Richter for more projects that are even now in the works. 

No matter the purpose, no matter the deadline and not matter the project - Richter got it done. 

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