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Get serious about sales enablement. The kitchen sink is just the beginning.


We’ll get the right people at the right time to ensure you maintain a sales environment that has the highest probability of closing.

Everything from defining the exact right people, getting their attention and interest with a compelling communication strategy and bringing them into the sales cycle.

A few of our clients

Case Study: Helping Brocade Secure Ideal Business


Help the sales team at Brocade be more efficient, by speaking with viable prospects to close a higher percentage of their leads.


Brocade Sales Video 1

Brocade Sales Video 2

Brocade Sales Video 3


When we initially spoke to Brocade, it was clear that the sales runway was long and getting to the exact right people was challenging. The Brocade team needed very specific people that were most suitable to buy so they didn’t waste their time. The team they had in place selling didn’t have time to chase these people and the existing BDR team was busy focused on volume for the team. The problem remained, how could they get to the high value people that were tedious to get to?


We concluded that the best approach was to deploy our strategic relations program for Brocade. We started by defining the exact audience they needed to get to and from there did the homework to find the people that fit that exact profile. From there we created assets like video, elevator pitches, case studies and messaging that were tailored to those exact people. Our team initiated the outreach on behalf of Brocade with compelling content and messaging to pique their interest and bring them into the sales cycle so we could turn them over to our key sales contact at Brocade and then support them through the sales journey to ensure they closed a high percent of what we introduced.

The outcome was that Richter brought reaches that entered the sales cycle with the United Nations, Colt, QVC, CA Technologies, Cablevision, and Hubbell.



“I think this is done extremely well, hits all the points we discussed, very relevant for our prospects, flows very nicely and the production is top notch. I like it a lot. Nice job!”   


“Your team is the best!” 


“Wow- personally, I love it! I’m really excited about this one. Thank you!”


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