Some kind words from our clients.


"This is BEYOND awesome, Andres … outstanding job! What a hit this is going to be! Thank you for the incredible work. Sending a quick note of thanks on behalf of Donna and me. We’re both barefoot … you knocked our socks off!"

- Safelite

"I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to make this run in the last sprint! We landed on a great video and I am very proud of what came out! We showed it in our VP Kick-Off and it was well-received."

- Capgemini

"How was the process?: The best of any vendor I've worked with.  I'm a big process person and I really like how you communicate your process early and every step of the way especially to people who do not understand how hard it is to make even the smallest of changes later on in the process.

"What can we do better?: Nothing. I wish we could have given you more time so thank you for working with us and expediting your process and/or working extra hours to meet our deadline."

- Cadence

"...we wanted to let you know that the Multi-Gig Fiber Launch video series has been a hit! We’ve had 17,000+ technicians view this series so far, and the feedback has been great."

- AT&T

"Adam and I are reviewing this together at 11:30 this morning. I went through it and WOW, I love it! You are always on point. Cannot wait to see this in video format. Stay tuned and thank you for turning this around to us so fast."

- AT&T
Wolters Kluwer

"Yes, the video is coming along great! The team has been great to work with as well which is also very encouraging. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people internally as well. Looking forward to launching this thing!"

- Wolters Kluwer

"Thanks for the positive energy, quick turnaround and hard work on completing the first one. We presented it to the board and they LOVED it! It was the best board meeting as they are a tough crowd."

- Wendy

"Can I just say – again – very impressed with the tenacious turnaround times you guys work to….you should be very proud of your setup. You are making this a breeze for me, especially as I am managing the main launch that goes live on Monday, so it’s frantic here at the moment tying up last minute actions.

I must say, super impressed with the process you guys have in place from start to finish – explicit and clear instructions every step of the way made this a breeze."

- Tris

"You blew it out of the water with the One Team/One Mission video. Our VZ account leader is already using it. He embedded it in a prezi today. We would like to send it out next week to our general list. Thank you, team!"

- PJ
ON Semiconductor

"Our Analyst Day yesterday was a great success, in great part driven by the customer testimonial videos.  We received so, so many compliments about them.  Our executives were thrilled with the final result – thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Beth
Palmetto GBA

"I'm so thrilled because you make our lives so damn easy. Our other videos, just to tell you, are just a huge hit, I mean a crazy huge hit. People love them, the company loves them, customers have asked to see them. They're just getting cheered everywhere!"

- Joy

"You did an excellent job. I am VERY happy with the result and my colleagues are equally pleased with the outcome. Look forward to additional requests as I have recently joined the IBM Watson team in the strategy practice and we cycle through dozens of consulting engagements a quarter - each of which could potentially benefit from a video summary."

- Bjorn

"Just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with the video the team produced! We are getting rave reviews from our sales force and are looking forward to the completion of the other projects in the works right now."

- Emerson

"The process was smooth! Everyone from the team was able to help and provide us with instructions on every step of the process (which in itself, was pretty easy to follow and well explained)."

- A.M.
Adaptive Insights

"I've compiled everyone's feedback (please see below) but wanted you to know that the overall reaction was super positive. Great job with this first draft!! My boss even said, and I quote, "I LOVE the video." He never uses that word and hardly ever uses all caps, so that tells you something. :)"

- Annette