Why Prospects Aren't Interested in Your Solutions

I recently watched a video published by the CEO fo Richter that detailed the real reason why prospects go dark.

He said that the only reason prospects stop communicating is because you haven't solved their problem.

In marketing, this same rule applies.

The only reason prospects don't show interest in your product or service is because of the way you are presenting it.

The copy, the video, whatever it is, is not solving their problem.

Many B2B companies can get stuck on being "entertaining" or, worse, overly descriptive when advertising their products or services.

Too entertaining can lead to questions like, "but what does it do, what does it solve?" and overly descriptive can lead to "but what are the real benefits?"

In order to garner the interest of your field, your solutions needs to be positions as just that: SOLUTIONS.

Detail the problem, detail the solution, then pitch your solution, and why your solution is the best solution.

Think with this: would the prospect gain confidence that your product is the solution to their problem?

Then compare your messaging, media, web-pages and sales decks to that question.

When Richter creates anything for our clients, that same rule is applied. "Will this get the prospect interested, and will they gain confidence that this is a solution to their problem?"

Watch Robert's (CEO of Richter) video below: