Who are you talking to?

Communication is a powerful entity. It can inspire deep emotions, persuade immediate action and invoke uproarious laughter. It can also be confusing, maddening and downright boring.

One of the main rules for real communication is knowing your audience and writing a message that makes sense to them! The most elegant speech ever written is a waste of paper if no one understands what any of the words actually mean.

For instance, it might be considered very insightful, thought provoking, and intellectually captivating to use a complex metaphor to describe something as simple as a car driving down the street. But if your audience is a bunch of 4th graders, chances are they won’t get it.

For many football fans there are few things more beautiful than a perfectly thrown spiral effortlessly launched 40 yards downfield by a strong-armed quarterback. But if the receiver only runs a 20 yard route, the pretty pass falls hopelessly incomplete.

Language works the same way; it has to be received to be understood. While some people may think it’s necessary to prove their intelligence by how many big, poly-syllabic words they can squeeze into a sentence, it’s usually better to keep things simple.

An effective communicator should be judged on how well they keep the audience engaged and how much of the message is absorbed.

At Richter we strive to create messaging that is compelling and moves people. In some cases that means using technical language to connect with a particular profession, but most of the time we craft conversational messages that speak to a wider audience. In either case, our team of creative professionals is ready to help you connect with your target audience.

Greg Ward

Director of Copywriting