The Best Sale to Make

My CEO recently published a video on LinkedIn digging into this topic.

He made a point that really stuck with me.

He said that there is this adage in fitness where when someone asks, "what is the best workout to do" the answer is, "the one that you'll do".

And that same concept applies to sales.

Previously I've found myself stuck on trying to close large deals, bigger than the prospect certainly expected, and the deal goes nowhere.

My fault was not understanding what the client needed, and instead going tunnel vision on what I wanted to have happen.

But that doesn't close deals.

Understanding what the client needs, and the deal size that will actually close, is crucial in sales since, as Robert (CEO of Richter) said in the video, the best sale to make is the one that you close. Once the prospect is a client, and you've provided what they needed, you can always upsell them for more later.

With Richter, our purpose has always been to connect our clients with their customers through strategic communications, on the right channels. Essentially it has been to broaden the capability of their sales teams.

If the only sale you can close are really small deals, then it isn't a problem of your sales team, but the communication to your field in it's entirety.

Using strategic communications, on the right channels (videos, ad pages, landing pages, sales decks) brings in higher-ticket prospects looking to solve bigger problems. Large deal sizes become commonplace, and the sale you can make becomes the sale you wanted.

Watch Robert's video below:

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