Two rules to killing it at Richter

When I first started as a scriptwriter with Richter in 2012, I was told that there were two main rules to do my job well:

1. Always maintain excellent communication with clients, and

2. Deliver high quality work, on time.

That’s it.

Listening to my clients, asking thoughtful questions and ensuring I understood what they needed meant I was equipped with the necessary content to write a creative and clear script…on time!

The goal was to always deliver a first draft of which I was proud. I was handing over my best work every time I hit send. Sometimes I missed the mark…which can happen during the creative process. So, back to rule one. Great communication with my clients - an open conversation about what worked and what didn't.

Through that collaborative process, we were both thrilled with the final edit. Sometimes it took one draft and others a few more, but those two rules ensured that the process was always as seamless as possible.

After delivering hundreds of approved scripts to happy clients, I believed wholeheartedly in those two guidelines to do any job well. As VP Production 8 years later, I still do.

We’ve expanded the first rule to include “with everyone” instead of just “with clients” and I've never been part of a creative team that gets along better with one another or cares more about the quality of work delivered. It’s a pleasure to see good client feedback rolling in daily. We post it in our company chat as a way to keep morale high. After all, it makes it easy to continue abiding by those two rules when we see how well they work!

Our talented crew of scriptwriters, voiceover artists, animators, videographers and editors are always up for any creative project. We look forward to working with you (for years to come) and I trust it will be an excellent experience every time.

~Jessica Rounds, VP Production