• Devin Manuel

There Are No Brakes in This Race

In Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, etc. there are record-breaking vehicles that are specifically designed to stop at the right time to avoid crashes, spin-outs and the eventual loss from car failure.

In sales, the analogy of the "race" is often used as other companies are in contest to land the prospects you are targeting as well.

There is one aspect of racing that needs to be cut out of the analogy if you want to succeed in the game: brakes.

In sales, the person who brakes loses the race.

There are no corners, cambered roads, or danger zones. The company that stops communicating loses the race, period.

Let's say you have a prospect that is interested, and they end up going dark for a little bit. If you don't communicate to them someone else will.

That is the race.

You are putting on massive brakes in a top-fuel drag race by halting your efforts to sell for any reason.

Even in times like these there are still thousands of companies grinding away to beat out the competition.

Those companies still need your services. And if you won't sell them, someone else will.

The only brakes that screech in this race are the ones you put on your vehicle.

Some of the worlds largest companies were started during recessions. Why did they succeed? They didn't stop, that is the only reason why.

The company that wins is the company that survives, you survive by doing what works and never stopping.

Richter was founded during a recession, and the founder has echoed this message to us time after time, "don't stop, even when times are tough, keep pushing, check your pace, and put in maximum effort."

By applying this analogy, you will come to understand why your sales are not in an extremely high range, because there are many self-imposed stops along the way.

Richter designed a program to remove all the stops in the sales cycle, our Enterprise Program.

Through careful attention to the entire sales strategy of our clients, we create all necessary content, media, training, sales enablement campaigns, ad campaigns, etc. which results in a flawless sales cycle.

We even bring in new high-ticket prospects to our clients with our Strategic Relations program.

All-in-all, we remove all brakes, and let the car fly to a win.

Check out more about our Enterprise Program below:

- Devin Manuel, VP Marketing | Richter