• Devin Manuel

The Most Dangerous Sales Distraction

Distractions come in many shapes and sizes. For salespeople it can range from social media all the way up to personal life issues.

Distractions can also be as simple as the salesperson thinking, "I'll call them tomorrow because they are probably at lunch or busy".

The most dangerous distraction is the one the salesperson creates themselves that halts the sales process.

This distraction directly impacts sales more than any other exterior one.

Here are some examples of self-generated internal distractions:

"I already called them twice, they will be annoyed if I do it again"

"They went dark, so they must not be interested"

"They didn't really show that much interest in the beginning"

"I'm not sure they are really invested in solving their problem"

"I don't think this is a good lead"

At the root of these is the salesperson's lack of persistence.

They cannot continue the sales process, because they cannot persist past the blocks the prospect throws their way.

And at the root of that is their lack of training.

A truly confident salesperson knows that prospects will throw anything at them to slow down the sale. And they are prepared to overcome those objections and persist until the sale is done.

An expert salesperson never stops communicating, they never halt their talks with prospects even when the prospect stops communicating. The salesperson can recognize where they've gone wrong and remedy it to get the sale.

The simplest method to melt away distractions from salespeople is to continually train, drill, and hone their skills.

If a self-generated distraction arises, handle the salesperson, not the prospects, by further training them.

An effective method to train salespeople is to gather the knowledge of the most effective salespeople, their successful sales techniques, and get it all written down.

Take the writings of your star salespeople and create a series of sales training videos.

To take it a step further, take all of the self-generated distractions you have heard thrown around the office, and create a series of videos that goes over how to handle those distractions.

After servicing hundreds of B2B companies, we ran into this problem often where our clients had internal sales issues, self-generated distractions, and unseasoned sales representatives who couldn't close a deal.

So we created Richter Training as part of our enterprise program.

We examine the sales process from start to finish and fill in all of the gaps, including sales training videos and material to sharpen the skills of your sales teams.

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