The Ideal Sales Cycle: Confidence

Many sales cycles are created to barrage a potential prospect with droves of information and results from the sellers products. Creating a sales cycle that does that is fairly easy, just get the marketing department to create all the materials you need and start throwing them at prospects. But, that type of sales cycle has one fatal flaw: no confidence.

It is a well known rule in sales and marketing that CONFIDENCE SELLS.

Who would you think is a more confident quarterback:

1) The one who throws as many passes as humanly possible hoping that one is caught? Or

2) The one who is strategic with the plays of the game and knows the conditions of each play, including the defenders line-up and strategy, and only executes the pass or handoff if he is confident it will result in yardage, a first down or a touchdown?

Most would pick (2). And you'd be right. The usual "barrage" of a sales cycle is more aligned with (1) above. And shows the client and your team that no confidence is present in what you are selling.

If the product is genuinely good, needed, and will produce results for the client, a well-crafted and precisely measured sales tactic that is designed for this one purpose will succeed: To remove the prospects barriers that are keeping them from selling the product themselves.

Some prospects are already sold on wanting the product but are hesitant to make the call and buy. Or they are reluctant to forward the information and advocate for the product to the one who will ultimately make the decision. This means, simply, they are not fully closed. This does not mean that you now send them more results, information, case studies, etc. They already want the product, the way to get them to SELL themselves and whoever else is involved is simply a conversation. Care enough about the individual to get them over their own personal barriers enough to finally make the call.

Caring is also a manifestation of confidence. The no-confidence salesperson does not care for their prospects and is doing everything in their power to just get the sale.

Create confidence in your team through a fully established and strategic sales cycle, training on that cycle, and teaching them to care enough about the prospects to get them over their barriers.