The Four Things...

Since today is January 1, 2020, I thought this post would be appropriate.

I saw a question on Quora that asked about success and these four things are what comes to mind for me.

I’ve studied around 700 books, personally started 7 companies and have been an entrepreneur for 17 years and when I look at what it takes to be successful, the four following things stand out more than almost anything else I can think of.

Before I dive into them, I wanted to mention that success is a general term and you need to define what success is for you. It could be work. It could be money. It could be family. It could be love. Perhaps a collection of things. You need to define what success is for you.

Then you need to have your why or purpose for why you want it or need to do it. Define this clearly for yourself. Not what you think sounds good but what is authentic and real for you.

Then you need to define the objective you’re going after. Visualize that and define what it is. What do you want to happen?

Once you have those, these are the four things:

Reading — you need to be a lifelong student. Always learning. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, learn everything about it. Study people. Read books. Compounding your knowledge is key. You will see it pay off over time. Nearly every successful person I have ever studied is a reader. I found this true for myself as well. After a while, you start to see the patterns and understand what paths will get you there.

Writing — you need to make sure to write daily. Make it a habit. Write goals. Write targets. Write your vision or master plan. Write ideas. Journal notes and thoughts. Keep a moleskin with you at all times and a good pen. Write your daily agenda or battle plan the night before and execute each day as much as possible. There’s something magical about writing things down. I’ve done this since I was a teen and it’s incredible to look back at all my journals and realize that many of the things I wrote – happened.

Running — this is for several reasons. You need to clear your mind. You need to solve problems. You need to be able to push through resistance. You need to be mentally disciplined. You need to be physically fit and healthy. You can accomplish all of these things with running. Run daily. 3–5 miles at least. Yes, it’s work and can be hard. Do it anyway.

Doing — take action. Do do do do. You have to get busy doing. Take massive action to make big progress. Move fast and do more. Way more. The more you do, the further you’ll get. If you’re not getting there, you aren’t doing enough. Do more.

Your canvas is your own. Your vision and goals are unique to you. But these four things are not unique to success.

Happy New Year 2020!

— Robert

About Robert Cornish: Robert Cornish founded Richter in early 2008 to build an agency focused on communication strategies that support sales growth for business to business technology-related companies. Bootstrapped with zero capital in the middle of the financial meltdown, Richter went on to make the Inc 5000 list comprised of the fastest-growing companies in America five times. Richter made the Silicon Valley Fast 50 four times and the Entrepreneur360 award two times. Robert has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Selling Power Magazine, Inc Magazine and IDEA magazine. He's been a guest speaker for ACG Los Angeles, IASA Summit, West Point and been interviewed for 33Voices, EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast and IDEA Magazine by Northwood University

In 2012 Wiley & Sons published his book, What Works, about the lessons he's learned while growing his agency from start-up navigating his way to a multi-million dollar agency. Robert currently owns four companies.

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