• Devin Manuel

The 8 Traits of Sales Greats

After extensive study into the titans of sales, I've come to understand the exact traits that make them what they are.

I've detailed the traits below, and I'm open to suggestions for traits you believe also contribute to making a great salesperson.

If the traits below are adopted, there is no doubt that endless sales opportunity will come from it, if they are diligently applied and not forgotten.


(1) Communication over Technique

Before a sales great utilizes any technique to sell, they have already honed and drilled their ability to communicate. That precedes all selling ability - the ability to talk, converse, to be on your toes with your communication. A salesperson who can't communicate cannot utilize any special techniques or skills taught to them.

(2) Never Stop

No matter the barriers the prospect gives them, they don't stop selling. The sale goes on, the race continues. Sales greats are the most persistent people you will ever meet. They've had thousands of calls where they were rejected, but they became great because they didn't stop.

(3) Anything is Better Than Nothing

A sale is a sale. Big or small, what matters is that a sale happened. Money exchanged hands. When companies start, if they fixate on a deal size that can't happen for specific prospects, they can lose that prospect. But if they can sell them on something, then do that, even if the deal size is smaller than expected.

(4) The Prospect is Always Interested

When the prospect reached for more information, they were interested. But they are still interested even if they haven't reached back, or responded. The idea is this: when the prospect reached, assume that they are still interested even after a long amount of time has passed. Don't ignore that reach, keep pressing to get the sale.

(5) Sell, then Organize

Many new companies or divisions get the idea that they should organize every little detail before they attempt to make money. This is backwards thinking. It takes money to survive, so make the money, then organize the area to produce the product more efficiently. Sales is the bloodline, if you cut out that bloodline while trying to organize the other areas, by the time its all organized - there is no money to pump through it.

(6) Full Understanding of the Audience

Sales greats can sell anybody, however, when it comes to their specific products, services, etc., they get a full understanding of who they are selling. They really understand the pain points, the problems, the other solutions out there, and why their prospects need this solution. They aren't glibly going out blind and selling without knowledge.

(7) Recession Equals Opportunity

In times of recession comes opportunity. In a recession, the majority of the population is experiencing the same exact problem that you are. This opens up the door to connecting on mutual grounds, the recession itself. Sales must go on, companies must survive, and whatever you are selling can attribute to the survival of a company. Sales greats didn't give up during hard times.

(8) Practice, Practice, Practice

No matter your skill level in the sales world, we are all still students. Someone has advice, someone has a better way of doing it, always. The first block in becoming a sales great is to assume you know all there is to know. Sales greats are always working, practicing, honing their skills further.

I would love to hear times where you have applied any of the 8 points above and seen it work in your sales environment.

- Devin Manuel, VP Marketing | Richter