• Jake Moreno

Richter Productions’ New Baby

Video is the most effective sales and marketing tool today. We all know that. But that’s kind of the problem…everyone’s using video. So you’ve got to do more to make your video efforts stand out.

As the Director of Richter Productions, I’ve always thought that one of the best ways to differentiate your video is by focusing on quality. Specifically, image and sound quality. People are more likely to watch (and keep watching) a video that looks and sounds good.

So with that in mind, Richter Productions just got a new baby. The Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro:

The Ursa Mini Pro is a professional cinema camera that’s capable of creating beautiful cinematic images, at a resolution of up to 4.6k. It also has film industry-standard inputs for sound, so you get the highest possible audio quality when filming.

Basically, this camera is a beast, and it ensures that every shoot we do for every client is going to look - and sound - amazing. Good enough to be up on the big screen. (And if you need a video for a large event like a trade show, then it may very well be up on the big screen!)

We’ve already shot several client videos on the Ursa Mini Pro, and needless to say, the clients were thrilled with the final product. Here are two examples:

Ready to shoot the next video for your business? There’s no better time than now create effective content for your sales and marketing teams. And there’s no better company than Richter to make your video content stand out. Let’s get a shoot scheduled and you can meet our new baby in person.

-Jake Moreno | Director of Richter Productions