• Devin Manuel

Is Remote Sales the Future?

Millions of people across the country are working from home right now selling, marketing, delivering, etc. Sales floors in offices are empty, but still functioning remotely.

We are extremely fortunate at Richter to be able to function with maximum effort while being at home. But it brings me to an interesting observation:

My father was just ordered to work from home by his company, their county issued a stay-home order yesterday afternoon. But he is reporting more results than when he is usually in-office. He actually has less distractions at home compared to in-office.

I've heard the same from many of my friends from across the country.

They aren't losing steam from being remote.

Which makes me wonder, "is remote operations the future?"

Here are my predictions:

Once this all blows over, which it will, more and more companies are going to adopt remote work culture into their operations as a means to acquire top talent while not risking relocation issues amongst other things.

The companies that have flinched at the thought of remote operations will most likely rethink this, especially if they have contracted due to the current state of things.

The companies that have only outside contractors as their remote staff will start bringing in full-time employees on an at-home basis.

There are millions of people that are very talented but don't have local opportunities to express their abilities. This opens the door for them to grow with this shifting landscape.

Companies around the country will save on office space costs due to less in-house employees.

But, this scenario opens the door for massive employment growth by removing distance from the primary hiring factors.

What is takes to thrive in this at-home environment is to have strong training materials, video series, etc. to ensure your staff are all on the same page, operating at the same level, and creating uniform results. There is of course a few that do better than others, but overall you want consistency in the products/jobs employees work on.

To accomplish this, it is important to codify all necessary training information into an LMS (learning management system) which your staff can access.

With the transition to at-home work, online training will make a sharp rise.

And sales employees especially need consistent training to stay sharp, and continue to sell effectively.

You can learn more about Richter's video training services here.


Zoom has shown us that culture can still thrive remotely, with thousands of companies continuing operations and having fun with it via video meetings and conferences that are entertaining but also productive.

KnowBe4 shifted all 800+ employees to at-home operation within 24 hours. They even made fun games out of the at-home work life.

There is a certain freedom with being at home and working hard. It makes one want to leave the house after they're done for the day, go out, extrovert, experience new things, etc. Whereas the normal pattern is to come home from work and want to relax.

I strongly believe that transitioning more individuals to at-home is not going to hurt any productivity, in fact it may boost it dramatically.

- Devin Manuel