• Devin Manuel

Hustle or Hard-Sell?

Hustle: (n) "busy movement and activity." (v) "sell aggressively."

Hard-Sell: (n) "a policy or technique of aggressive salesmanship or advertising."

At first glance, these two words don't seem to be very different. But what we are talking about today is how they are in practice.

Hustle can be a few different things, it could be "work hard" or "sell like crazy". The often used term is perceived as "work very hard and don't stop" which is a true statement.

Hard-sell would be continuing to sell someone, and caring enough about them to to keep selling, no matter their obstacles.

Often hard-sell disappears when "hustling".

An individual gets 50 leads to sell, they "hustle" through them and get maybe four to five closed deals quickly. But the amount-per-sale and the number-of-highly-interested prospects suffers when you simply "hustle" through.

Many sales people tackle the easiest close first, and then "follow-up" with the harder ones occasionally, but the harder ones are usually the higher-valued prospects.

A combination of hustle and hard-sell are the key to a consistent flow of high-ticket deals closed.

Never stop working hard, but take care of each prospect, and care enough about them to continue selling despite their barriers.

No one wants to look like a hyper-active chipmunk, and the way to avoid that is to have speed - but understanding as well. Don't stop selling, but don't stop listening and urging the prospect further.

It's not "hustle or hard-sell" its "hustle and hard-sell".

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