How we work remote

We founded the company in 2008. At the time we had an office in Florida.

It was myself, my partner and one employee.

But we grew quickly to 20+ people in that office.

So we started out physically all in that office.

My partner at the time ended up moving to California.

I remember thinking “well, that’s that. I guess we’ll need to get on without him” because at the time I thought that was essentially as good as “out”

But we ended up working around it. We started using Skype for all internal communications.

We created a focused Skype group for each division like:

·     Sales

·     Marketing

·     Production

·     Finance

·     Operations

·     Company-wide chat

As we moved more and more remote, it allowed us to hire people around the country rather than in one location.  

Every person was required to be on Skype so we could interact, and it’s a lifesaver ever since.

We have an executive meeting via Skype on Monday and have sales musters each morning with the team.

But chatter happens all day long and everyone is instantly accessible

While there are people I’ve never personally met – I feel like I’m close and know each person because we’re so tightly connected via Skype.

Additionally, we use Asana for task management and have done the same thing with our divisions. All projects are organized by each area like sales, marketing, finance, production, quality control, operations and so forth

We also use Google Docs for documents and spreadsheets and files held on Google Drive, so everyone has access to whatever they need when needed and wherever they are.

For sending sales contracts or documents that need to be signed, we use Adobe e-Sign which means we can send a sales proposal from our computer from anywhere and get it back signed without having to physically worry about accomplishing that task.

We also use an online tool to track all key metrics for the company that gets updated once and week and shared so people can see where they stand for the last week.

Lastly, at the beginning of this year, we signed up for Zoom so we could do more face to face sales calls. It’s an incredible tool that is clearly paying off.

Personally, I have an office in the Seattle area that I like to work from and we have some sales folks there as well but for the vast majority, our creative and production team works remotely which means we can continue to work through this situation without skipping a beat.

That’s one big takeaway that I think companies will accomplish from this – standard protocols for how to instantly transition to remote work if and when needed.

While this situation has been disruptive for many businesses – I’m thankful we live in a time that has incredible technology tools allowing us to work entirely remotely in a nearly seamless fashion.

There are many who still can’t work remotely because their business is utterly dependent on in-person foot traffic or people being physically present.

So we’ve set up a GoFundMe account to help those companies. We’re going to donate to local companies in Seattle that are affected so if you’re willing to help, we would massively appreciate your support.

— Robert

About Robert Cornish: Robert Cornish founded Richter in early 2008 to build an agency focused on communication strategies that support sales growth for business to business technology-related companies. Bootstrapped with zero capital in the middle of the financial meltdown, Richter went on to make the Inc 5000 list comprised of the fastest-growing companies in America five times. Richter made the Silicon Valley Fast 50 four times and the Entrepreneur360 award two times. Robert has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Selling Power Magazine, Inc Magazine and IDEA magazine. He's been a guest speaker for ACG Los Angeles, IASA Summit, West Point and been interviewed for 33Voices, EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast and IDEA Magazine by Northwood University. In 2012 Wiley & Sons published his book, What Works, about the lessons he's learned while growing his agency from start-up navigating his way to a multi-million dollar agency. Robert currently owns four companies.

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